Where a Writer Goes: Favorite Places to Write

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Autumn has almost settled in, coloring the trees and decorating shops and dinner tables with apples and pumpkins. It is a beautiful reminder that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is just around the corner, as are many other contests and opportunities to create stories. However, now that summer has ended, schedules grow busier and time to write seems to disappear more with each shortening day. Suddenly, the limited time to write must be maximized (no more mindless browsing of Tumblr and Pinterest), and I begin my annual search for the tips and tricks to write faster, stay focused, and find inspiration. Moreover, I’ve begun to return to my favorite spaces, the spaces that I find perfect to sit with a notebook and just write.

My Bed

My bed is my go-to writing location, more out of convenience and a love for blankets than anything else. It’s a high-risk, high-reward environment, in that I can remain undisturbed for hours, but can also let my procrastination go un-checked (i.e. no nosy onlookers judging me for watching five pumpkin pie tutorial videos in a row). Nonetheless, there’s something about sprawling out with a laptop, my idea notebook, and a pile of pillows that invites a desire to write, especially when I’m blasting my writing soundtrack and am accompanied by a homemade cup of citrus tea. Additionally, I’m often in such a literary mood there because I prefer reading books in bed as well. Indeed, the collection of YA novels in my bedside bookshelf is like a motivational poster, a reminder of my love of words.

A Park

While the weather is in the perfect sweet spot of cool and warm, and all the insects have disappeared, I love finding a nice shady bench or patch of grass to sit and finish a chapter or two. Parks provide a connection with nature, peacefulness, and an opportunity to people watch. I’m always inspired by passing strangers, imagining their stories or practicing my descriptive skills. The sensory experience of sitting in a park (the sunshine, the scratchy grass, the light breeze, the sound of rustling breeze) is also a fruitful source for writing, even if only applicable to a single scene. However, I usually can’t remain there for long due to a dying laptop, and sometimes find it difficult to fully immerse myself in my writing (there is just too much going on around me). Still, it’s a great spot for a quick writing session before continuing on with my day.

Favorite Bookstore

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time at a bookstore. My personal favorite has plenty of chairs and a coffee shop to boot. Just like with a park, there are lots of things to see, and like my bed there are plenty of books around to inspire me. To continue, there is a pleasant smell of fresh coffee and new books, which pairs perfectly with the store’s soft music and pleasant vibes. Time seems to come to a standstill, and it feels like I’ve fallen into a pocket reality where I could write forever. When I’m hoping to really get a piece finished, I’ll find a quieter part of the store, coffee in hand, and write until closing time. It’s the ultimate literary destination, and sometimes I can even glean advice from author talks and signings given while I’m there.

In truth, there’s no bad place to write, and I’ve finished stories while sitting in class, on public transportation, and even in waiting rooms (I’m not choosy when inspiration strikes). Even so, when I have the chance I love to seek out these spaces, full of writing energy, to relax and put new ideas to page. Where are your favorite places to write? Comment below!

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