Summer Comics, Summer Movies, and Small Town America // This Week on Our Shelf Life

The Passed Note splashes through the Internet every week to find all the YA treasures so you don’t have to. This week, we rounded up a collection of YA comic news, summer YA blockbusters, and some examples of great libraries.


Call us geeky, but we are huge comic book fans. Imagine our joy, therefore, when we heard about the new Iron Man who is, in fact, a black female teen. Can we say, “YAAAAAS QUEEN?”


Speaking of, the Captain Marvel series is getting a reboot. . . and the author is no other than our permanent#womancrushwednesday, Margaret Stohl.


If all this superhero news has you craving movies, never fear. It appears that Jason Fuchs, one of the writers of Wonder Woman movie next summer, is also tackling the movie adaption of Break My Heart 1,000 TimesThis article aptly describes the novel as “The Fault in Our Stars meets The Sixth Sense” and we couldn’t be more excited.


YA librarians can be superheroes too, and here’s the proof: this library is pitting teens against adults in its summer reading clubs in a Hunger-Game themed summer bonanza. Meanwhile, another small town library forgave overdue book fees for YA and children’s books to encourage teen reading. Jealous!


Want to be a superhero in our eyes? Submit your own work for Issue 2–and if you’re stumped as to what to send, read our first issue.


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