Spoiler Alert!

The Passed Note Issue Four is live June 23rd!

Hey everybody! Are you ready for some amazing, delicious summer-y YA goodness?  Our fourth issue comes out next week on June 23rd! It’s such a great issue, featuring the art of Rie Sheridan Rose; the fine poetry of Carlina Hirsch, Sergio Ortiz, and Ian C. Williams; and the amazing fiction of Corrine David, Amanda Kabak, and Angarad Thomspon Rees! Not to mention, we scored a scintillating interview with Corrine David about writing her debut novel, The Pomegranate Prophecy, now available on Amazon!

We at The Passed Note love to publish dynamic, well-written stories, poems, non-fiction prose, and art to challenge teens to grow, think, and be. In case you’re at the edge of your seats as much as we are, here’s some little spoilers from our newest issue:

I had stolen a memory. It was awful, like the feeling you get when someone shows you a picture of yourself that you didn’t know had been taken. Only worse because the memory was inside of me, part of me, even though it wasn’t mine.” – Corrine David, The Pomegranate Prophecy

Jack Schultz and Donny Haversham shoved me in this locker right after lunch, and now, a period and a half later, I need to facilitate my release or be further embarrassed by peeing in my pants. ” -Amanda Kabak, “The Parasite of Desire”

You think you know the story. You’ve heard it before, from sailors who regale the tales in ale-made stupors. Do not believe them, for if they live to tell the tale they fail to tell you one important thing—the truth.” –Angharad Thompson Rees, The Siren’s Purse


We can’t wait for you to read the whole issue, released on June 23rd! Interested in submitting? Check it out right here.

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