Review: Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

For readers who haven’t yet picked up a copy of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, you are seriously missing out. Fans who are bemoaning the absence of Game of Thrones will fall head over heels for this fantasy, especially considering there is a chance for it to gain its own television show around the time that Game of Thrones will be ending.

This series follows many characters on an epic journey to rid their world of an evil which has traveled from another dimension, but it starts so much smaller. Celaena Sardothian is a famous assassin who has been recruited by the crown prince of Adarlan, Dorian, to compete to become the crown’s assassin. After spending a year in slavery for her crimes, she has a long way to go to return to her former glory, but if she can manage then she will win her freedom after just a few short years of service to the king. But how short can those years be when the king is the reason her own home country of Terrasen fell ten years before?

Aside from Celaena, who has a very complicated plot to herself, there is also Prince Dorian, who will begin to see that his father’s ways are not right and that Adarlan deserves a new future. The captain of the guard, Chaol, too begins to realize that his loyalties do not necessarily belong to the kingdom alone. These three character make up the main three mostly because they are there from the beginning, but starting in the third installment, Heir of Fire, there are many more character to know. There’s Manon, a witch who is determined to lead her coven to victory against our heroes and reclaim their homeland. Elide, who was once a lady of Terrasen only to become a servant to the witches who would do harm to the people she loves. Rowan, who trains Celaena to become who she will be when the times comes. And many others.

The plot is heavily character driven and thrilling from start to finish. It advances at a fast rate and progresses in unpredictable directions. The books lean heavily on the idea that women should help one another instead of fighting against each other – a positive message for everyone who reads these books. And if you haven’t read them yet, all seven books are now out. Congratulations, you don’t have to endure the cliff hangers that the rest of us endured.

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