Review: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

I loved This Savage Song so much that I wasted no time in picking up the second in this duology, Our Dark Duet. Victoria Schwab has never let me down with her vivid storytelling and this exciting sequel was no exception. I simply had to know what happened to August and Kate and I sped through this book with my breath held until the very end.

Six months has passed since the events in This Savage Song. Kate is about to head back to Verity as she chases a new monster. She knows Verity will be a mess in the wake of her father’s passing, but what she doesn’t expect is how different August will be. August has been pushed forward in the ranks of his own father’s task force and is now expected to lead them all. Kate can no longer find the monster that was trying to be human, but finds instead a monster with an army. This may be exactly what the two of them need in order to defeat new monsters.

Kate’s own Malchai, a monster born from murder, is restlessly stalking the city. A new Sunai has been born. August’s corrupt brother is still haunting his every move, even though August reaped his soul six months before. With so many new players, there were twists and turns in every page.

This Savage Song leaned heavily on the character development between the two main characters of August and Kate while Our Dark Duet focuses more on the plot. Both characters have changed drastically in the six months that the reader does not see. It’s interesting to read as Kate and August come back together in order to stop all the monsters. The two of them have to get to know one another all over again before they can truly work together.

This epic conclusion will leave readers laughing, crying and wanting more as they speed read through the events in Verity and leave readers begging to know what happens next. The story keeps with the theme of defining what a true monster is, as well as what it means to be human. In the end, this story shows us that it’s not what people think of us that makes us a monster, it’s what we do with our lives.

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