Red Handed: Gena Showalter

Surrealist confusion, but in a good way. Set in New Chicago, the reality of Red Handed is just left of ours. 

The protagonist, Phoenix Germaine, is fresh out of rehab. She’s kicked an Onadyn habit. Onadyn is the drug of choice for the New Chicago teens, similar to Oxycontin. When she goes out to a party in the woods, group of ferocious aliens crash uninvited. Phoenix fights them off almost single-handedly and is returned home in something that looks very similar to an Onadyn-induced state. Her mother, quite reasonably, ships her off to reform school at the government’s request. 

What her mom doesn’t know is that Phoenix has been recruited to join an elite squad called the Alien Investigation and Removal Agency. At the Agency, she’ll learn to track carefully, fight dirty, and destroy aliens left and right. Phoenix’s training will be rigorous and treacherous. Even more treacherous is her crush on one of her trainers, Ryan Stone, the heartthrob of an alien removal training center. A heartthrob that also happened to be at the party in the woods. Which doesn’t make things easier, especially when crushing on him is against the rules. Wild and imaginative, Gena Showalter’s Red Handed is the first of crazy new Alien Huntress series. 

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