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Love news about young adult literature? Never fear. Every week, we put on our knee deep waders and march into the marshes of the internet to pull the newest YA news for you. That’s right: we scan the web for YA related topics and this week, we’ve got a doozy of interviews and great articles, from JK to LGBTQIA.



Of course, you’re knee deep into Cursed Child just like we are. But I really appreciated this commentary on JK Rowling and minorities, especially this quote: “It’s possible to forgive Rowling for the lack of diversity in the original books. . . But, even if we forgive the past, . . . Cursed Child was written, performed, and released long after Rowling understood her reach. Long after she began to claim progressive cred on Twitter for being pro–racial diversity, pro–gay people, pro-peace, and pro–all things liberal. So one can’t help but balk at the glaring lack of non-white people actually on stage.”


Additionally, we love this article about #WeNeedDiverseBooks: “Now we are living in a time of globalisation and multiculturalism. People from different backgrounds come to live with each other in different situations, whether they like it or not. If they don’t have enough knowledge of each other’s cultural backgrounds, it might lead to alienation and misunderstanding, which is dangerous in any society.”


And diverse books don’t just mean racial diversity: LGBTQIA+ characters need to also be shown in literature. USA today published this recommended reading list and a partner article on transgender themes entering YA fiction.


NPR is collecting a series of YA authors giving advice to young writers. Here you can find Tamora Pierce (#womancrushwednesday): “First, last, foremost and always in my books girls kick butt.”


Rainbow Rowell, another acclaimed YA author is speaking to youngins in the #firstsevenjobs campaign. (So relieved to hear she worked retail, too!)


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