Letter from the Editor // The Passed Note, Issue Seven

Letters from the Editor

Here’s a tiny secret. This part, the “Letter from the Editor”, is my least favorite of being an editor-in-chief. I would so much rather let the beautiful work speak for itself, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the practice slightly pretentious and more than a little snobby.

But one truth that I have found time after time is that writing an editor’s note helps me to examine how far we’ve come as a journal. In February, so many of our friends, family members, and colleagues stepped up to support this project. Writers I’d met only on social media gave their hard-earned money to The Passed Note team, trusting us that we would continue with our mission. These funds helped us to be able to continue with all operations fees covered for a whole year. In addition, we ran our first visual arts contest. We have begun placing professional ads in the Review Review, which helps to ensure we receive an influx of the best, most diverse work possible.

So, here we are: continuing, if for no other reason than we believe in our mission of supporting young adults through literature… and so, apparently do you. Thanks to you, I can continue to run this wonderful journal… and, I guess, keep writing letters from the editor.

Thank you so much.

Stephanie R. Johnson,


Want to read more? Issue Seven of The Passed Note is now live.

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