Fat Narratives in YA // This Week on Our Shelf Life

Here are some links from what we’ve been loving on the Internet this week.

A young person stands at the end of a row of library shelves. The Passed Note is a YA literary magazine

We couldn’t stop tweeting about this ballsy, beautiful article regarding fat narratives in YA.

This thorough introduction of three writers changing the LGBTQ+ narrative in YA: Meredith Russo, Adam Silvera, and Sara Farizan. Part One of this series found here.

We are so pumped about the movie of the #BlackLivesMatter YA novel, The Hate U Give, adaption. It will be starring Amandla Stenberg, aka: Rue from the Hunger Games.

This amazing Irish teen author has her novel published. She gives fantastic advice to writers, young and old: “be passionate.”

Are we teenagers again? This beautiful photo series by Olivia Bee captures perfectly the feeling of being young. We especially adore the one of teens climbing out of a window.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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