Best Books of 2018

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my Looking Back on YA post! As I’ll be celebrating the new year in grandmother’s homeland (Budapest, Hungary), this post is coming a bit early. Think of it as a Christmas present. 

Without much ado, let’s take a look at the books good enough to make me ignore university work:

  1. Emergency Contact (Mary H.K. Choi): When Penny Lee exchanges numbers with a boy after an awkward date, their romance develops online. They share their deepest secrets and anxieties, all without knowing whether or not they can handle the awkwardness of actually seeing each other. 
  2. Leah on the Offbeat (Becky Alberti): ranked #1 by Goodreads voters, this book is all about female empowerment. First loves and the stress of senior year? Classic YA. All of this through the eyes of a kickass teenage girl drummer? I think yes. 
  3. Children of Blood and Bone (Tomi Adeyemi): Zélie, a native to Orïsha, has the opportunity to bring magic back to the soil of a colonized land. There’s swashbuckling danger, and a young girl’s struggles to control her power and influence as she grows up in an oppressive society. 
  4. The Astonishing Color of After (Emily X.R. Pan): When Leigh Chen Sanders mothers dies by suicide, the half-taiwanese girl travels halfway across the world to meet her maternal grandparents for the first time. Convinced her mother’s spirit has become a bird, she searches desperately for a feathered woman and finds the ghosts of her family’s past. 
  5. Let’s Talk About Love (Claire Kann): A girl must decide how to handle a budding summer romance after getting dumped by her first girlfriend for coming out as asexual. 

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