All About the Reading Recommendations // This Week on Our Shelf Life

This week’s collection of detritus from the internet is all about Young Adult book recommendations: from thrillers, to Harry Potter inspired, to comic books (plus some craft essays about the world of writing for young adults).

Two young people hold hands and bend backwards at the waist away from each other, while standing in a field of wildflowers. The Passed Note is a literary magazine for Young Adults.

10 thriller books of 2016 to keep you up so late, your eyelids stop knowing how to blink.


We are loving Bustle’s YA book recommendations according to Hogwarts houses. Here is Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.


Why teens need funny books by the brilliant Holly Smale, author of the Geek Girl series: “So-called “dark” books – those that touch on “dangerous”, “sensitive” or “subversive” subjects – are, no matter what anyone says, important. They allow children and teens to delicately explore topics that fascinate them in their own space and at their own pace: to empathise with people who live other lives, or to find themselves reflected if they are suffering privately. Life is not always easy. It’s not always simple, or straight-forward, and a lot of excellent books reflect that struggle perfectly. They allow us to cry, to hurt, to feel and discover, in safety and peace, and they do so beautifully, and poignantly: with grace and art. But just as the dark is essential for children, so – too – is the light.”


Remember when we talked about John Green’s Looking for Alaska making the banned book list? Well, he’s having none of it (love the video response, with the usual John Green video greatness).


Last but no way least, here is The Guardian’s list of best starter graphic novels for those in doubt that graphic novels are cool. Additionally, Inverse collected the Top 7 Comics for Anxious Millennials.

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