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The Passed Note is a literary magazine for young adults by adult writers.

We have found some gems during our usual quest to find the latest and greatest in YA. Gone are the days of sifting through the world wide web to be relevant in the evolving world of young adult literature.

The Passed Note is a literary magazine for young adults by adult writers.

At The Passed Note, we believe in the power and worth of young adult lit. YA often is genre bending, deals with identity construction, and pushes into visceral, dark realms.  Ariel Richardson’s “9 Reasons Why Reading Young Adult Book is Good for Adults, Too” echoes our sentiments. Richardson indicates how YA lit often defies and resists the neat “categorizations so often applied in the adult literature world.” This liberation from strict binary labeling allows the worlds and characters of YA to push boundaries frequently, paving the way for new, fresh ideas. And that is something we can get on board with.

This week, we enjoyed Phillip Nel’s academic article “Wild Things, I Think I Love You: Maurice Sendak, Ruth Krauss,and Childhood.” We’ll give you a teaser of the article, “he expanded the range of childhood emotions that could be represented in children’s literature.” That’s right readers, the author of Where the Wild Things Are evoked an emotional response from adult readers because he pushed against what the sanitized content deemed acceptable for children.

This interview with award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson illuminates how she crafts stories that appeal not only to the YA readership, but a broader audience. While this interview focuses on her latest adult release, she does spend sometime discussing her YA background and how writing in that genre helped develop her voice. Writers, take note.

Though it’s hard to believe, we are halfway through the year. Paste Magazine compiled “The 16 Best Young Adult Books of 2016 (So Far).” Any of your favorites on the list?

Oh, and we are accepting submissions for our second issue! Submit your YA work to us here. To get a good feel for what we like, go ahead and look through Issue 1.

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