Review: The Beautiful by Renée Adieh

Bringing sexy vampires back will be fantastic for my wallet—I can finally recycle my Anne Rice-esque Interview With a Vampire cape this Halloween. Not only is The Beautiful bringing back a lacey, gothic aesthetic, it’s literally also set in New Orleans. 

A doe-eyed Parisian dressmaker of only seventeen boards a ship to America in 1872, unaware that she will step off the gangplank into a city ruled by the undead. She joins the Ursuline convent during carnival season, where she falls in love with the glitzy underworld of La Cour des Lions, where one Sébastien Saint Germain begins to flirt. However, a girl from the convent is found dead in Sébastien’s home. Celine must fight her growing attraction to Sébastien and his guilt, despite the way secrets unite them. Then a third girl’s body is found and Celine finds herself stalked by a killer to become the fourth. She must, once again, take her life into her own hands.

Let this be the horror novel to bring you into fall. Is that chill from the sinking temperature or the book in your bag? With The Beautiful, that’s for you to decide. 

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