Beach Reads

Footprints in the sand adjacent to waves lapping onto the shore.

Easy, breezy, beach reads are what summer is all about. This post is your perfect poolside, popsicle-adjacent booklist for the beach. 

The Girl from Everywhere — Heidi Heilig 

Literally stemming from oceanic lore, this book is the tale of a young girl, Nix, aboard her father’s mystical ship. With any relevant map, they can sail into history. However, when her father becomes obsessed with his 1868 Honolulu map, he begins to put Nix’s life on the line. Going back in time to when he met her now-deceased mother could mean her disappearance. Nix must balance her fear of evaporating into time with her father’s drive to find his lost love. Act fast, as this novel is almost sold out on Amazon! (13 copies left)

On the Come Up — Angie Thomas

A new book by the author of The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas is a YA woman to look out for. In this new novel, the daughter of an underground rapper who passed before his peak tries to make it big. Bri and her family are in dire financial straights, facing shutoff notices and food banks since her mom lost her job. With bills in the mail and homelessness around the corner, Bri’s fight for success becomes all the more desperate. Even with the odds stacked against her, Bri is determined to come into her own and fight for her dream. 

The Poet X — Elizabeth Acevedo

Xiomara Bautista discovers slam poetry as a way to connect with her mother’s religion and a world outside of Harlem. She’s been fighting for years, buried in the stresses of her neighborhood. She learns to recite the words of her poems like prayers, especially when she falls in love with a boy outside of the church. As she’s learned the hard way, some words are better left unsaid. When the high school poetry club recruits her, she has to find a way to join without her mother finding out. Elizabeth Acevedo is a fantastic slam poet herself, and promises beautiful prose on every page. 

Love and Gelato — Jenna Evans Welch

Her mother had a dying wish: for Lina to get to know her father. A month later, Lina is stuck in Tuscany with a father she hasn’t seen in sixteen years. Italy’s gorgeous sunshine and storybook landscape are sour until Lina finds a journal her mother kept while living in Italy. Following in her mother’s steps, Lina uncovers a world of magical romances, art, and fantastical pastries. There is something in the Tuscan hills left of her mother. However, as Lina searches for her mom, she finds a secret her mother kept for far too long. 

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